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Here are some advantages of a Psychic Source reading:

Low introductory rate of $1 per minute

Their Satisfaction Guarantee is simple: If you’re not happy with your last live psychic reading, it’s free!

They developed a rigorous screening process that ensures that each psychic reading is authentic; less than 5% of all Psychics who apply become a part of the Psychic Source community.

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Psychic Readings - Do They Work?

I'd always thought it would be fun to sit for an astrology reading, but I'd never actually worked up the courage to do so before. I guess I was a bit afraid of what I might find out. I mean, what if it was bad news? What if I were destined to be a failure, would never meet my perfect match, and would live just a short, uneventful life? Those aren't exactly the kinds of things I wanted confirmed by a psychic! So I simply avoided them until recently, when I finally worked up enough courage to see what was written in the stars about me.

Since I'd never had an astrology reading before, I didn't really know where to go to find a good psychic. Of course, I'd seen commercials and magazine ads for various 900-numbers that I could call in order to get an astrology reading, but I naturally couldn't find any of those numbers now that I was ready to use one. So I figured I'd go online instead and see what kind of information I could get from the Internet.

First of all, I was a bit surprised to discover that I could get an astrology reading online as well as over the phone. I had no idea that the online option was available, and I really liked what I read about the process. In fact, an online astrology reading sounded much better than the phone version because of the rate structure. I found many websites that offered a flat-rate for an astrology reading, no matter how long it took. That compared favorably to the telephone versions that typically charged by the minute. At least with the flat rate I'd know eactly what I was getting into and wouldn't be hit with hidden fees.

Second, I discovered that some websites would allow me to customize my astrology reading to cover only the topics that I wanted to address. So if I wanted to find out about potential love interests without touching on other subjects such as finances or health, then I could limit the session according to those boundaries. If I wanted a more comprehensive astrology reading that covered just about everything, I could do that too.

After a little while, I selected a specific website from which to receive my astrology reading. I have to say that I was highly satisfied with the overall experience and quite pleased with the results. I regret not having taken advantage of these online psychics before, but at least I now know where to go whenever I want another glimpse into my future!


Phone Readings from Love Psychics - How Does it Work?

California Psychics

Call California Psychics to get your questions about love, money, career, finance and more answered. Ca Psychics take what they do very seriously. They specialize in topics ranging from love and relationships, money and career, contacting the dead, as well as past lives. Some even have spirit guides and guardian angels.

Their psychics are handpicked by Psychic Managers who screen and test each one of them for accuracy, professionalism, compassion and the desire to help others.

How do You Know You'll Get a Good Psychic?
When you call the 800 number, you can discuss the type of reading and/or the topics you'd like to cover in your reading with the Customer Care Team. The helpful representatives can suggest a psychic or two who will best fit your needs. Or, you can browse the psychic bios to see which psychics are currently available and who's online right now.

Their motto is to provide you with "A positive guide to your future." They believe that you should come away from your reading feeling uplifted and empowered to conquer whatever the future may bring.

Trying to find love? Talk to a psychic for $1/minute.


Certified Psychic - Professional Psychics for Live Psychic Readings

$1 per Minute - California Psychics

If you've ever considered getting a live psychic reading over the phone by professional psychics, this may be the time to do it. They are currently offering a special for new customers - only $1/min! If you're looking for a certified psychic, maybe this will reassure you. Here is a quote from Ca Psychics company news:

"The psychics advisors at California Psychics® have been helping people with relationships and careers since 1995. Our world-renowned psychics successfully counsel individuals around the globe in all matters of love and life.

Looking for Answers. Talk to a psychic for a $1/minute. .

Only 2 out of 100 psychics who apply to California Psychics® meet our strict criteria with regard to accurate predictions, compassion and a professional demeanor. This means you can trust our psychics to come up with the best information that helps enhance your life in all areas.

We believe everyone can live a happy, fulfilled life and we are committed to helping people do just that!"

California Psychics

Trying to find love? Talk to a psychic for $1/minute.